About Us

Established in the heart of New York City, TAA Apparel Inc is a privately owned international wholesaling company founded in 1978. The company’s core is comprised of creativity, innovation, and ethical responsibility, fused with a unique New York attitude.

Effortless style, cutting-edge fashion, and an all-around balanced lifestyle are the cornerstones of our company’s philosophy. These positive values are reflected throughout the multi-brand business at every level, from the exceptional garment manufacture to the meticulous fabric selection and conscientious production. Consistently capturing market trends, our designs always emulate newness in color, fabrics and silhouettes.

TAA aspires to be the leader in manufacturing, creating compelling fashion designs across a myriad of labels. We offer an outstanding price-value proposition, catering to all types of customers. Our company prides itself on our impeccable attention to detail in the production of each garment, from quality fabric selection to superior fit.

TAA Apparel manufactures under various labels, both private and proprietary, producing inspirational items for men, women, children, as well as home.